Astrea V

Invest For Your Future

The Astrea V PE Bonds are the second listed retail bonds in Singapore backed by cash flows from Private Equity Funds. They represent the fifth series in the Astrea Platform and were a continued step in achieving Azalea’s vision of connecting individual investors to private equity.

Key Highlights of Semi-Annual
Distribution Report

For the period
21 Dec 2023 - 20 Jun 2024
Distribution Reference Date
5 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024
Semi-annual interest paid to bondholders
Portfolio Value
Class A Bonds redeemed as scheduled
on 20 Jun 2024
Loan-to-Value Ratio

Portfolio Activity (US$)

For the latest Distribution Period, US$94m of distributions were received from the PE Funds while US$8m was invested through capital calls. The net distributions of US$86m were applied to the Priority of Payments. These cash flow and unrealised fair value movements resulted in an ending Portfolio NAV of US$867m.

Class A-1 and A-2 Bonds redeemed as scheduled and 58% of Class B Bonds partially redeemed on 20 June 2024

Outstanding Bonds 

ClassClass A-1 BondsClass A-2 BondsClass B Bonds
Principal AmountS$315m
Bonds Redeemed
*fully redeemed*
*fully redeemed*
*partially redeemed*
Interest Rate Per Annum3.85%4.50%5.75%
Interest Rate Step-Up Per Annum1.0%1.0%N/A
Scheduled Call Date20 June 202420 June 2024N/A
Maturity Date20 June 202920 June 202920 June 2029
Ratings (Fitch / S&P)1AA-sf2 / AA- (sf)3A+sf4 / Not ratedA+sf5 / Not rated

Click the links to access the Fitch Ratings Report as well as S&P's Presale Report.

1Fitch and S&P have not provided their consent, for the purposes of Section 249 of the Securities and Futures Act, Chapter 289 of Singapore (“SFA”), to the inclusion of the information cited and attributed to them in the Prospectus, and are thereby not liable for such information under Sections 253 and 254 of the SFA (as described in the section “Credit Ratings“ of the Prospectus). 

2Rated Asf at launch, Class A-1 Bonds were upgraded to A+sf by Fitch on 22 Feb 2021. Click here for the press release. The bonds were then upgraded from A+sf to AA-sf by Fitch on 15 Feb 2023. Click here for the press release.

3Rated A+ (sf) at launch, Class A-1 Bonds were upgraded to AA- (sf) by S&P on 28 Aug 2023. Click here for the press release. 

4Rated Asf at launch, Class A-2 Bonds were upgraded to A+sf by Fitch on 15 Feb 2022. Click here for the press release. 

5Rated BBBsf at launch, Class B Bonds were upgraded to A-sf by Fitch on 15 Feb 2022. Click here for the press release. The bonds were then upgraded from A-sf to Asf by Fitch on 15 Feb 2023. Click here for the press release. The bonds were then upgraded from Asf to A+sf by Fitch on 13 Feb 2024. Click here for the press release.

Astrea V Prospectus dated 11 June 2019

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