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The Investment team seeks out and invests in funds and co-investments managed by top performing PE managers globally. The team also develops innovative products, such as the Astrea PE bonds and the Altrium PE funds, which aim to broaden investors’ access to PE.

Investor Solutions & Marketing

The Investor Solutions & Marketing team leads Azalea’s fundraising efforts and is deeply involved in engaging and communicating with investors, with a strong focus on investor education. The team also strategises and works closely with various distribution partners.


Finance & Operations 

The Finance & Operations team oversees all finance and operations processes of Azalea and its funds, including accounting, financial reporting, capital funding, distributions, and cash management. The team also provides key support to product launches as well as system improvement and implementation.

Legal & Compliance

The Legal & Compliance team provides legal, compliance, and risk management guidance and support to the various Azalea Group entities, in areas such as fundraising, distribution and investment activities.

ESG Resource Group 

The ESG Resource Group promotes and facilitates the understanding of environmental, social and governance values and practices at Azalea, integrating these into investment, products, and corporate strategies.

Data & Technology 

The Data & Technology team specialises in designing, developing, and maintaining advanced and secure applications that empower Azalea in its core business of PE investment management. The team works closely across all functions to develop capabilities for both internal and external clients. The team is committed to constantly improving and innovating the firm's Data and Tech operations and aligning with the firm's strategic goals.

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Investment Analyst (Intern/Perm)

The successful candidate will work on investments such as primary and secondary PE fund and co-investments. The candidate will also work on developing innovative products which aim to broaden investors’ access to PE.

Investor Solutions & Marketing

Investor Solutions & Marketing Associate (Intern/Perm)

The successful candidate will contribute to the firm's fundraising and ongoing investors’ engagement, which includes but not limited to product marketing, running roadshows, regular investor updates and investor platform management. The candidate will also participate in conceptualising company’s branding and communications strategy across various channels.

Legal & Compliance

Legal Counsel (Perm)

Provide general legal and regulatory support on various Azalea Group entities and its various fund vehicles. This includes handling issues related to the marketing of securities in various jurisdictions, review documentation relating to the setting up of fund entities, review documentation relating to fund entities’ investments. Manage external legal counsel and service providers.

Interested applicants, please send your CV to [email protected].